Watering Can Eos 1g


Eos Watering Can

Capacity: 1g

Colors: Denim, Khaki, Lava and Lime

If you have a color preference, please tell us in Checkout Notes!

This modern watering can features a subtly striped surface with an elongated and thin nozzle that helps you feel confident about watering your indoor and outdoor plants without spilling.

The angled silhouette, lightweight material and large water capacity makes Eos watering can perfect for filling your pots without making a mess.

Beyond functionality, an Eos Watering Can is innovatively designed with a unique level of style.
The colorful and unique shapes of our watering accessories add to your outdoor décor, and can be a fashion statement for every gardener.
Additionally they are designed ergonomically to make it easy to water your plants and enhance your gardening experience.
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