Watering Can Energy Sprayer and Mister

$12.99 - $34.99

Energy Water Sprayer and Mister 

Energy Sprayer Small - holds approx. 0.27 gallons $12.99

Energy Sprayer Large - holds approx. 0.30 gallons $18.99

Energy Sprayer XL - holds approx. 1.60 gallons $34.99

These new Crescent Energy Water Sprayers and Misters have a modern structural design.

This allows more comfort when in use - a perfect complement for your gardening needs!

Your everyday plant spray bottle made better!

The Energizer plant sprayer comes with an adjustable sprayer to fine-tune your misting requirements.

Light on the hands, this refillable spray bottle is designed to ensure effortless pumping and prevent fingertip fatigue.

And it doesn’t end with the beautiful plants you dutifully watch over!

The Energy sprayer is the perfect lightweight and sturdy sprayer for cleaning solutions, pet sprayer, ironing, car detailing, hair sprayer, or any other use you can dream up.

Beyond functionality, these are innovatively designed with a unique level of style.

The colorful and unique shapes of our watering accessories add to your outdoor décor and can be a fashion statement for every gardener.

Additionally they are designed ergonomically to make it easy to water your plants and enhance your gardening experience.

Get ready to complete any chore with a simple twist of the nozzle!

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