Tradescantia spathacea Rhoeo Tricolor Rainbow Plant 4"


Rhoeo 'Tradescantia spathacea' 4"

Rhoeo is a plant of many names.

Depending on where you live, you may call this plant moses-in-the-cradle, moses-in-a-basket, boat lily, rainbow and oyster plant.

Whatever you call it, Rhoeo makes an excellent and fast growing ground cover in the garden, and looks beautiful in a stand -alone pot.

Leaves are green with purple, pink, and white striping.

Coloring will become more vibrant when exposed to very bright light.

In most areas, Rhoes are considered an annual, when in fact it's technically classified as a perennial. 

Rhoeos are very drought tolerant.

It will develop some serious issues with root rot and foliage diseases if the plant is kept too wet or watered too often.

This is a plant where it will be happier if it's kept less dry and watered less.

You'll be tempted to water it, but resist!

Water only when the soil surface is dry to your touch.

When grown indoors, a Rhoe prefers medium to bright light, such as on the windowsill of a lightly curtained west- or south-facing window.

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