Tradescantia Callisia Pink Passion & Pink Lady Assorted

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Tradescantia assorted

  1. Wandering Jew Pink Lady 4" $15
  2. Wandering Jew Pink Lady in a Hanging Basket 4.5" $30
  3. Wandering Jew Pink Lady in a Hanging Basket 10" $45

Callisia repens 'Pink Lady' is an evergreen perennial from the Commelinaceae family.

Commonly known as Pink Lady, Turtle Vine, Roseling or Creeping Inchplant, it is a popular houseplant to grow.

It has attractive, small, variegated leaves arranged tightly on stems.

Leaves may be pink, white or green.

Direct sunlight, or bright indirect light, is the way to go to keep this girl pretty pink and pale cream, with variegated green leaves and bushy, dense growth when kept indoors.

This beauty will thrive in full sun in winter, but move her to bright indirect light in summer to avoid those delicate leaves burning.

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