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  1. Tradescantia in a Hanging Basket 6" $30
  2. Tradescantia Bubblegum in a Hanging Basket 6" $30

Tradescantia Bubblegum is known for its colors that evoke the hues of an aurora borealis, along with its hanging vines, which are often put on full display when the plant is placed inside a hanging pot.

This beauty is ideal for growing indoors, due to its hardy nature and the relative ease with which it can thrive in most indoor conditions.

Provide a good amount of filtered light and prune it regularly, and you will enjoy your Tradescantia for many years.

The sap contained in Trades leaves can be irritating, wash your hands after handling the leaves or wear gloves when you touch them.

It is considered mildly toxic when ingested, so you want to keep it out of reach of any pets.

Can be easily propagated by stem cuttings.

Water more often during the summer months to keep the soil moist while you can let the plant dry out slightly from approximately November to March in the northeast US. 

Consider watering from the bottom, or using a self-watering pot instead of watering from the top.

Waterlogging the plant can increase the chances for problems such as root rot.

Tradescantia requires a lot of indirect sunlight to grow and thrive.

Expose to sun at least six hours daily is best.

The colorful pigments you see on the leaves will begin to fade if the plant doesn't get enough sunlight.

If you notice the colors on your plant are fading, this is a sign that it needs to be moved to an area with more light exposure.

Never place in direct sunlight, as this can cause scorching on the leaves.

Tradescantia can tolerate very early or very late sun only.

Ideally place it in front of an east or west-facing window.

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