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Massarelli Planters

There are reasons why Massarelli's continues to flourish, even in an ever-changing global market.

An extensive selection is one. But more than quantity, it's their commitment to the highest quality that counts!

That's what the Massarelli's is all about - a skilled team of fine artists, sculptures and mold-makers.

It's about a well trained manufacturing staff, using only the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment.

Bottom line – it's about not only meeting, but exceeding customer expectations.

Massarelli’s artists make and finish each piece by hand, so each is a unique original.

Every hand-crafted piece is photographed in different settings with various lighting.

Because of this, actual color, shape, size and texture may vary from those shown here. 

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Note: There are additional items listed in this category that are not Massarelli products. Their composition will be listed in its description.

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