Safer Food Pantry Pest Trap 2 pack


The Food Pantry Pest Trap

Size: 2 Traps and 2 Lures

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The perfect solution for pests that contaminate food products.

Attractive, wood-grained traps are ready to use anywhere.

Safe, non-toxic and long-lasting.

Exclusive BioLure lures grain moths, flour moths, meal moths and seed moths for up to 16 weeks.

Includes two traps and two lures per container.


Just follow these quick and easy steps to begin trapping and monitoring your moth infestation.

  1. Place the trap within 10 feet of the infested area, generally where dried foods are stored, including the pantry, kitchen, or garage
  2. Choose a spot where the trap will get air circulation but will not be easily disturbed by foot traffic or swinging doors.
  3. For best results, use one trap per average size room. Use two traps for large rooms, placing them at opposite ends of the room.
  4. Remove one of the lures from the packet. Drop the lure onto the sticky surface via the circle cutout on the back of the trap.
  5. Check the pantry moth trap weekly to determine if it is full or excessively dirty.
  6. Discard when full. To discard, wrap trap in newspaper and dispose in a trash bin.
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