Planter Raised Nest Slate 22"x44"


Planter Raised Nest

Color: Slate

Dimensions: 22" x 44"

Thanks to an innovative self-watering design, the Nest raised bed planter is the perfect hassle-free container system to grow your herbs, vegetables and edible flowers.

The double-walled planter holds enough water for 2–6 weeks.

Simply fill as needed and the TruDrop system keeps plants thriving without overwatering.

The raised height of the bed makes planting, weeding and harvesting more comfortable, and is especially a bonus feature for those with mobility issues who still long to garden.

And for apartment dwellers, the Nest planter is a perfect choice for your balcony gardening needs.

The elegant color options and clean textured lines makes a beautiful addition to your deck and patio.

This self-watering planter can go weeks without watering for phenomenal results.

The ingeniously designed reservoir in the planter, which reduces watering frequency and and fertilizing, is an innovative environmental solution for container gardening.

100% recyclable and food-safe, this planter is resistant to chipping, cracking and fading, and results in healthier plants by watering through the root system.

Using quality materials, this lightweight raised bed planter is known for their durability, designed to withstand extreme weather, and made to last.

Go weeks without watering with TruDrop One built-in self watering system.

Easy to read water level indicator lets you know when your plants need water.

Double-walled for root protection.


Environmentally friendly.

100% recyclable, 50% less water and fertilizer usage.

Can be used indoors or outdoors (remove red plug for outdoor usage).

Product Dimensions: L: 44.1 in x W: 22.4 in x H: 36 in
Inner Specs: L: 39 in x W: 17 in x H: 9 in
Product Capacity: 22 gallons
Water Capacity: 12 gallons


Product Dimensions: L: 111.8 cm x W: 55.9 cm x H: 91.4 cm
Inner Specs: L: 99.1 cm x W: 43.2 cm x H: 22.9 cm
Product Capacity: 83.3 liters
Water Capacity: 45.4 liters
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