Plant Stands Adjustable 8"-12"


Adjustable Plant Stands

Size: 8"-12" (The diameter of the plant stand can be adjusted from 8" to 12")

Various Colors: Bamboo Dark Brown, Bamboo Black, or Bamboo Natural

Plants grow over time. So can you. Grow with them!

Adjust this stand as you repot your plant babies to keep using this stand.
This is a way of combining function, versatility, and flexibility.

We noticed that people's plants were outgrowing their pots and those neglected stands were getting trucked to the landfill, or kept in storage until another plant fits them. 

We wanted to change that  - for your pocket, and for the environment, and for your own space. 

Elevated 9" from the ground and using premium bamboo as the base of a weather resistant support system, these plant stands will hold up your pot a long time, all year round.

Plant and Pot not included with purchase.

We have lots of Indoor Plants and Pots available to go with your Adjustable Plant Stand:

Urban Garden Center Indoor Plants and Urban Garden Center Planters

Elevated Sits 9" off the ground
Adjustable Width 8" to 12" diameter
Non Wobbly

Reinforced structure

Stress Tested Can take up to  200 lbs
Low Carbon Footprint Bamboo is the primary resource, which takes very little resources to farm and manufacture

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