Philodendron Pink Princess 4"


Philodendron 'Pink Princess' 4"

Philodendron 'Pink Princess' Reverted 4"

Of all the pink plants in our beautiful world, few are as prized as the rare Pink Princess Philodendron.

Its heart-shaped leaves unfurl toward the sun, with streaks of bubblegum pink the shape of a crescent moon.

It has become  a “must-have plant”, and as demand for the photogenic philodendron has exploded, so have the prices!

Plant enthusiasts will pay hundreds of dollars for a single pink princess, and wait lists from growers can form months in advance!

Growers must take cuttings from the plant to propagate new pink princesses, and only from the most variegated parts of a mother plant, which makes them finicky for commercial growing.

It takes months of careful work until they’re ready to sell!

Philodendron Pink Princess is a climbing aroid with dark leaves and light pink variegated blotches.

Aroid is the common name for members of the Araceae family of plants, sometimes known as the Philodendron or Arum family.

The sometimes beautiful and sometimes bizarre combination of spathe and spadix is known as the inflorescence, and sometimes referred to as a "flower" - it is a distinguishing feature of all aroids.

Leaves can grow to 9" long and 5" wide.

The stems are also blotched with pink.

The variegation can be greater if the plant is cut or prevented from reverting to just dark leaves.

To get the most color out of your growing Pink Princess, ensure it gets plenty of indirect light – too much direct light and the leaves will yellow.

You can expect young leaves on this plant to emerge as a dark green with white variegation, maturing to almost-black with pink spots.

Keep this beauty moist, both when watering and misting, as it prefers moderate humidity and plenty of water - but never overwater! 

Let the soil dry out completely in between watering rounds.

The ideal moisture is when only the top inch of soil is dry.

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