Palm Grass 'Setaria palmifolia' Rubra & Variegated 1g


Palm Grass 'Setaria palmifolia' 

Size: 1g

Palm grass, Setaria palmifolia, is a lush, tropical species of grass that forms clumps of broad, rich-green leaves.

This beauty can be planted out in spring after the risk of frost has passed, where it makes a great addition to jungle and tropical borders.

Do not water from overhead, and water only during the day, so that plants will have enough time to dry before night.

Palm Grass also makes a lovely container plant.

While in the tropics it can reach over 6' in height, it will usually top out around 3' domesticated.

For best results, grow Setaria palmifolia in full sun or dappled shade in moist, well-drained soil.

Lift plants and move indoors in autumn and grow in a bright, frost-free spot.

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