Pachysandra Flat Pack


Pachysandra! A fun word to say out loud

Flats for $50!

A Full Flat has 8 packs of 3 plants, for 24 plants in total

Pachysandra is a favorite ground cover plant in hard-to-plant areas such as under trees, or in shady areas with poor or acidic soil.

Unlike other plants, pachysandra ground cover does not mind competing for its nutrients, and growing pachysandra plants is easy if you have an abundance of shade in your landscape. 

Pachysandra requires only minimal care to look its best. New plants can be pinched back for several years to encourage bushiness.

Keep areas of pachysandra free from weeds and monitor young plants during dry weather.

Once plants are established, they can handle some period of drought; however, young plants require adequate moisture in order to become established.

We do not warranty or guarantee any living plant. No returns or exchanges on live plants. All sales are final on live plants.

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