Norfolk Island Pine Assorted

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Norfolk Island Pine

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Soft needles, distinctive flat branches and naturally symmetrical shape make Norfolk Island pines a popular and attractive choice for indoor Christmas trees!

The small and medium size varieties are often used as accent trees during the holidays.

When January arrives and the ornaments are packed away, Norfolk Island pines are beautiful indoor trees that are easy to maintain.

Norfolk Island pine trees need moisture and require consistent watering.

Water them thoroughly each week during the growing season to keep the soil slightly moist.

Don't allow them to dry out, particularly during the summer.

During the inactive winter months, let the soil dry out completely and then water lightly.

Never let the tree sit in water.

Over watering causes root rot.

The needles turn yellow or brown and fall off easily.

If the tree is too dry, the lower branches turn brown and die, and the needles drop off.

Once that occurs, growth stops.

Place Norfolk Island pines in bright, filtered sunshine indoors to receive indirect natural light.

Keep them out of direct, full sun.

While they can survive solely with incandescent or fluorescent light, they won't thrive.

Turn the plant regularly to keep it symmetrical, ¼ turn at any given time so as not to shock it.

Even with the sunshine requirements, Norfolk Island pines grow best in day time temperatures of about 65 degrees F.

They like slightly cooler temperatures at night.

Avoid sudden changes in room temperature, temperature extremes and chilly drafts.

As Norfolk Island pines grow upward, the trunk thickens and the branches increase in size.

Cutting off the growing tips destroys its naturally symmetrical shape.

The only pruning that's suggested is cutting back any brown tips and dead branches.

Remember, all growth stops at the point of pruning!

Mealy bugs can harm the pine, so spray it with an insecticide as directed for a few weeks.

Control scale infestations by applying rubbing alcohol or horticultural oil onto affected areas.

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