Myrtle Topiary 4"


Myrtle Topiary

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Some growing tips for a Myrtle Topiary:

Plenty of sunlight.

Keep in sunroom or bright window with south/west exposure.


So important to not let them dry out.

But they should not sit in water for hours.

Be diligent about watering topiaries that are root bound, which require frequent watering (and re-potting eventually).

During the growing season (late March - early September), use a liquid fertilizer once a month.

To maintain a tight spherical form, clip often during the growing season.

Do not shear or cut the leaves.

Instead, snip at the branches/shoots.

Where you snip a shoot, two others will branch out, creating a fuller plant.

Do not place on a heat register or radiator, they will get fried!

Move and rotate so they get the required sunlight.

Use a mild insecticidal soap spray if bugs are present.

Myrtle topiaries do require a level of care, but they are quite easy once you get the hang of it!

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