Milano Tall Barrel Planter, Heirloom White

$135.00 - $275.00

Milano Tall Barrel Planter, Heirloom White

Size of Planters: 23″x 26.5″, 18.5″x 23″, 14.5″x 19″, 11"x 17″

This pottery piece is fired at high temperatures and is suitable for normal usage as garden vessels, fountains, or furniture. Surfaces are easily cleaned with water and a cloth while wearing gloves.

Proper planting with adequate drainage is critical to prevent cracking in sudden weather changes. It is recommended to add drainage material in the bottom of pots, such as clay shards or a drain pan.

Additionally, if a pot is to be placed directly on garden soil, you should set it on blocks or pot feet to raise slightly above ground level.

This frost-proof pottery can withstand freezing temperature under normal circumstances. Sudden, dramatic changes in temperature might damage the product. Anything filled with water can burst under certain conditions, so assuring proper drainage when planting is critical for all-season durability.

All jars should be emptied during the winter. Sealed fountain tops serve only as water reservoirs. Do not place bricks or heavy objects on top as a weight to secure fountain covers.

All water bowls should be drained and flipped over or covered in winter.

If you suspect your water has extreme PH levels or contains contaminants and/or heavy metals, you might experience unforeseen reactions in some glazes. Use appropriate neutralizers to adjust the water quality.

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