Michael Carr Designs Hand-Made Observer Gnome


Michael Carr Designs Hand-Made Observer Gnome

Full Color 5.5" x 5.5" x 13.5" (LxWxH)

Gnomes have been around well over a hundred years. Michael Carr had been asked many times to create a line of gnomes, but in most cases he really wanted to create something different and unique.

Gnomes are meant to be gentle woodland creatures that protect your garden and Earth's treasures. They make your garden more enjoyable and peaceful. When developing this line, Michael went where this definition took him. That was to his dad, Gerald Carr.

He taught Michael to appreciate all of God's Creations while walking through the woods or fields experiencing the beauty and richness of it. This became the inspiration for these gnomes. They are based on his likeness.

Each gnome is hand-made from durable high-quality polyresin and then hand painted. The durable polyresin has a U.V. coating that resists cracking or chipping from the sun. However, if prolonged outdoor exposure occurs it is recommended to coat with an additional sealant to extend the life of the product.

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