Mandarin Plant Chlorophytum Amaniense 4"


Chlorophytum Amaniense Mandarin Plant 4"

The Mandarin plant is a relative of the Spider PlantChlorophytum comosum.

Like its cousin, it's delightfully tolerant to a wide range of growing conditions.

The Chlorophytum Mandarin Plant, known as Chlorophytum amaniense, has colorful orange leaf stems called petioles.

This gives the CM an interesting, eccentric look.

Its strap-like leaves add a tropical touch to indoor spaces.

Mandarin plant is relatively new to the houseplant scene.

It was brought to North America in the 1990s, and has been growing in popularity due to its interesting colors.

Because mandarin plant only grows about a foot tall and wide, it’s best displayed on tabletops or wide mantles and window sills.

The orange petioles make the plant look superb in a traditional terracotta pot.

Or you can add style by growing your mandarin plant in a contrasting blue or purple pot.

Or, highlight the bright color of the stems by growing it in a dark colored pot.

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Keep this plant consistently moist, away from direct sunlight and cold temperatures to maintain its color, and prevent the leaves turning black.

Avoid root rot by checking the first two inches of soil for moisture before watering.

If the soil feels dry, it's time to water.

Water regularly when plants are in growth, usually April to September, but more sparingly when dormant, during autumn and winter.

Feed with a balanced liquid feed every 10-14 days during the growing season, from spring to early autumn.

Grow indoors in bright, indirect light.

Most types tolerate fairly low light conditions, but plants will grow faster if given more light.

Keep out of direct sunlight, as they can cause the foliage to scorch.

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