Licorice Plant 'Helichrysum petiolare' 4.5"


Licorice Plant 'Helichrysum petiolare'

Size: 4.5"

While it is most commonly grown as an annual, licorice plant is actually a woody tropical perennial.

In the heat of the summer, the leaves of this plant may occasionally exude the smell of licorice, hence its common name!

Licorice plant is a fast grower and likes as much sun as it can get.

In part shade, plants can become leggy and will need more pruning to keep from looking messy. 

Plant this beauty in well-drained soil.

Licorice plant does not appreciate sitting in too much water.

If it does, your plant may begin to rot.

Once your plant is established, it is quite drought-tolerant, though it does prefer regular watering.

Because this plant is actually a perennial, it won't bloom unless you live in a tropical environment and are able to overwinter it.

If it does bloom, flowers are small and white. 

The semi-trailing or cascading growth habit of this plant works well in containers and hanging baskets.

It is a good idea to give trailing varieties a pinch early on in their growth to encourage good branching.

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