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Boston Ivy


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Boston Ivy plants (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) are attractive, climbing vines that cover outer walls of many older buildings, particularly in Boston!

It is the plant from which the term “Ivy League” derives, growing on numerous upscale campuses.

Boston ivy plants are also called Japanese Ivy and can quickly overtake the area in which it is planted, climbing by tendrils on any support nearby.

If you like the look of the shiny leaves, but don’t wish to deal with the plants aggressive behavior, consider growing Boston Ivy as houseplants or in containers outdoors

Boston Ivy care indoors will include pruning of the rapid growth, no matter the location.

However, full or too much direct sunlight may burn the leaves or create browning tips on Boston ivy plants.

When planting Boston ivy outside, be sure it is what you want to permanently fill the location.

The plant will spread to 15' or more and climb up to 50' within a few years.

Keeping it trimmed may encourage it to take on a shrub form in maturity.

Insignificant flowers and black berries appear on outdoor grown plants.

How to care for a Boston ivy is simple.

Keep the soil moist when possible, although dry soil usually does not kill Boston ivy as houseplants, it only makes them appear dull and wilted.

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