Impatien New Guinea in a Hanging Basket 8"


Impatien New Guinea

In a Hanging Basket 8" $35

Impatiens plants are one of the most popular annual flowers, due to their brightly colored blooms and their ability to grow in shady areas.

Although technically tropical perennials, these plants are grown as annuals in all but the warmest regions.

If you love the look of impatiens but your flower beds get strong sunshine for part of the day, New Guinea impatiens will fill your yard with color.

Unlike classic impatiens plants, which are shade lovers, New Guinea impatiens flowers tolerate up to half a day of sun in most parts of the country.

These colorful blooms come in bright shades from lavender to orange, spanning the rainbow with a choice of bedding colors.

Caring for New Guinea impatiens is no more difficult than any other flower, as long as you keep the plants well-watered throughout the hottest parts of the year.

The best growing tips for New Guinea impatiens have to do with paying attention to small details.

None of the varieties of this plant can tolerate drought very well, so keep the soil moist with soaker hoses or other watering devices.

In hot summer months, this may mean daily watering that soaks deep into the ground.

This plant can be a heavy feeder, so give it monthly feedings of a low-nitrogen plant food. 

Grow SunPatiens impatiens varieties in a sunny, partly shaded, or shaded spot with rich, well-drained soil.

While they grow well in sun or shade, the plants typically produce more blooms in the sun - hence its name!

Like other members of the impatiens family, SunPatiens will not tolerate frost.

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