Hypoestes phyllostachya Polka Dot Plant



Also known as the Polka Dot Plant


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Indoor living for this beauty.

Hypoestes phyllostachya, the polka dot plant, is a species of flowering plant in the family Acanthaceae, native to South Africa, Madagascar, and southeast Asia.

The spots often merge into larger areas of colour.

The Latin specific epithet phyllostachya means “with a leaf spike”.

In its native habitat, the plant can get up to 3' in height, but pot grown specimens will usually be smaller.

The foliage is the main reason to grow this plant.

The leaves are dotted with darker spots in green and a base color of pink.

Breeders have developed many other varieties, some of which have the green mottled spotting, but others are dotted with other hues.

There are purple, scarlet, lavender and white speckled leaves.

The plant will give you the best color when it is in a low light situation, but this causes the canes to lengthen and get leggy while searching for light.

Indirect bright sunlight is the ideal location for this plant indoors.

Provide temperatures of at least 60 F.

Water the polka dot plant often enough to keep the soil slightly moist.

Decrease the frequency of watering if the leaves turn yellow and fall from the plant.

 Water more often if the leaves fall without turning yellow.

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