Hydrangea 'Endless Summer' Blue 3g


Hydrangea 'Endless Summer'

Size: 3g

Color: Blue

Endless Summer Hydrangeas is a collection of Hydrangea macrophylla perennial shrubs that have the unique ability to re-bloom throughout the spring and summer months, giving more color and visual appeal to your garden for a longer period of time.

They are known to bloom 10 to 12 weeks longer than average Hydrangea macrophylla plants, and show well in colder climates, since they are able to bloom on the current season’s new growth.

Hydrangeas prefer well-drained, moist soil, but not wet.

Over-watering can cause hydrangea macrophylla to produce less flowers.

One of the most beautiful traits of an Endless Summer hydrangea is the ability to change the color of the blooms!

A simple soil test from your local nursery can help determine your pH level, which will determine your hydrangea macrophylla colors. 

Or you can test yourself with a PH Soil Tester, which is available at our Garden Center! Soil Testers

Soil with a pH below 6.0 (acidic soil) will produce blue hydrangea blooms and a pH above 6.0 will produce pink hydrangea flowers.

Depending on your preference, you are able to change the color of your hydrangea colors to fit your desired look and style!

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