Houseplants Tropical/Foliage


Houseplants Tropical/Foliage

Assorted 2" to 5"

2"-3" $5

3"-4" $10

5" $15

Tropical/Foliage Houseplants are adapted to regions where soil is moist, but not continually saturated with water.

Therefore, never allow soils to become completely dry between waterings, and when watering, apply enough water to thoroughly wet the entire soil ball.

One of the best ways to do this in large plantings is with automatic watering systems.

Watering frequency will depend on weather, type and size of plant, and stage of plant growth.

The type of container used will affect the most efficient method of watering.

Containers with drainage holes should be placed in a saucer or other container.

Sufficient water should be applied at each watering, until excess water drains out the bottom.

This water should then be discarded, since pots should not be allowed to stand in water for any length of time.

We do not warranty or guarantee any living plant. No returns or exchanges on live plants. All sales are final on live plants.

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