Christmas Plants

Amaryllis Assorted
Amaryllis Plant Assorted Amaryllis 6" $25 Amaryllis 2pppp $95 Amaryllis 3ppp $135 Comes in a Growers Pot, we have Terracotta pots if you'd like Terracotta Pots And many more Planters Containers & Pottery to choose from! Red Amaryllis...
$25.00 - $135.00
Clivia 6"
Clivia 6" $55 An ideal holiday gift plant! Clivia is a genus of monocot flowering plants native to southern Africa. They are from the family Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Amaryllidoideae. Common names are Natal lily or bush lily. They are herbaceous or...
Conical Christmas Tree Lavender and Rosemary 4" 6"
Conical Christmas Tree Lavender and Rosemary 4" 6"
Conical Christmas Tree Lavender 4" $15 Rosemary 6" $30 Both Rosemary and Lavender like it bright, so keep them in a place that gets lots of indirect light. Some direct light is ok. Allow the soil to dry a bit before giving a thorough watering We do...
$15.00 - $35.00
Golden Mop in pot
Cypress Golden Mop Assorted
Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Golden Mop' Assorted 4" $20 2.5g $75 (subject to availability) The Gold Mop (or Golden Mop) False Cypress, is a dwarf yellow version of the Sawara False cypress Tree. This perky, vibrant yellow Evergreen will bring a happy...
$20.00 - $75.00
Cypress Lawson Cypress tall
Cypress Lawson Cypress Chamaecyparis ellwoodii Assorted
Lawson Cypress Assorted 4" $20 6" $40 Most enjoyers of plants flowers and trees know this beauty as 'Chamaecyparis ellwoodii'.  Highly decorative, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Ellwoodii' (Lawson Cypress) is an upright, evergreen shrub of dense...
$20.00 - $40.00
Dwarf Alberta Spruce 10g
Dwarf Alberta Spruce 10g
Dwarf Alberta Spruce Botany name: Picea glauca conica  Size: 10g $225 This handsome conifer has an excellent pyramidal form, with a dwarf habit that is perfect for smaller gardens. The dense bright green foliage turns an attractive...
Dwarf Alberta Bright Green
Dwarf Alberta Spruce Assorted
Dwarf Alberta Spruce Scientific / Botany name: Picea glauca conica  Assorted Subject to availability.  Not all sizes may be in stock.  You can contact us at or tel:646-872-3991 anytime...
$45.00 - $225.00
Fern Frosty Fern
Fern Frosty Fern 4"
Frosty Fern 4" $10  'Scientific name: Selaginella kraussiana A frosty fern is a petite, desktop size plant just a few inches tall. Its fronds have creamy white naturally 'frosted' edges. The newest leaves are pale and grow at the...
Gaultheria procumbens
Gaultheria Winterberry Assorted
Gaultheria procumbens 'Winterberry' 4" $20 6" $30 Gaultheria procumbens, commonly called 'Wintergreen' or 'Winterberry' is native to the woodlands of Eastern North America. Erect stems clad with glossy, leathery, elliptic to oblong, dark green leaves...
$20.00 - $30.00
Hellebore White
Hellebore White 6"
Hellebore Assorted Color: White 6" $45 Hellebores are so easy and so pretty, they have a place in nearly every landscape. They are members of the Buttercup family, scientific name Ranunculaceae. Their exquisite bowl or saucer-shape flowers...
Lemon Cypress in pot
Lemon Cypress Assorted
Lemon Cypress Assorted 4" $20 6" $40 Comes in a Growers Pot, we have Terracotta pots like the one seen in the second photo: Terracotta Pots  The Lemon Cypress Tree is known scientifically as 'cupressus macrocarpa'. Their cultivar name is...
$20.00 - $40.00
Miniature Evergreens pot
Miniature Evergreens Assorted 4"
Mini Evergreens Assorted 4" $15 Our Mini-Evergreens come in different shapes, textures and colors. Some of the assortments are Chamaecyparis Ellwoodii and Thuja Jantar.  Miniature evergreens are useful as ground cover, in front of larger trees...
Myrtle Topiary in pot
Myrtle Topiary 4"
Myrtle Topiary 4" $40 Some growing tips for a Myrtle Topiary: Plenty of sunlight. Keep in sunroom or bright window with south/west exposure. Water! So important to not let them dry out. But they should not sit in water for hours. Be diligent...
Norfolk Island Pine
Norfolk Island Pine Assorted
Norfolk Island Pine 4" $15 6" $30  10" $60 Soft needles, distinctive flat branches and naturally symmetrical shape make Norfolk Island pines a popular and attractive choice for indoor Christmas trees! The small and medium size varieties are...
$15.00 - $60.00
Paperwhites in a Wood Planter or Clay Pot
Large Paperwhites in a Rustic Wood Planter or Terra Cotta Pot 3 Wood Planter sizes: Small Cube Wood Planter $40 Medium Rectangle Wood Planter $65 Large Rectangle Wood Planter $115 In a Clay Pot: 6" $35 8" $60 10"...
$35.00 - $115.00
Stone Pine 4"
Stone Pine 4"
Stone Pine 4" $20 The Stone Pine, botanical name Pinus pinea, also known as the Italian Stone Pine, Umbrella Pine and Parasol Pine, is a tree from the Pine family. This beauty is native to the Mediterranean region, occurring in Southern Europe and...
Thuja occidentalis in pot
Thuja Jantar 6"
Thuja occidentalis 'Jantar' Size: 6" $40 Thuja occidentalis 'Jantar' forms a cheery, slender, yellow-leaved conifer. Having more lateral branches than most yellow leaved cultivars, this evergreen results in a much denser appearance, providing year...
Zygocactus in pot up close
Zygocactus Assorted
Zygocactus Schlumbergera truncata 4" $15 6" $20 8" $35 Not all sizes may be in stock.  You can contact us at or tel:646-872-3991 anytime to receive an updated list of what we have in the...
$10.00 - $35.00