Hibiscus Bush Premium 6" 10"

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Hibiscus Bush Premium

Size: 6" and 10"

Hardy hibiscus shrubs supply the garden with all the beauty of a tropical hibiscus, but they can withstand cold winter temperatures that kill the tropical types.

With proper care, the hibiscus produces new growth and blooms reliably each summer!

Growing a hibiscus plant in a container allows you to move the hibiscus plant to ideal locations, depending on the time of year.

Provide the plants with at least six hours of sunlight, especially if you want to see those lovely blooms.

Although warm, humid conditions are ideal for tropical hibiscus, you may want to provide a little afternoon shade when it’s overly hot.

Containers make this easy to do.

Hibiscus plants prefer a cozy fit when growing in a container.

This means that they should be slightly root bound in the pot and when you do decide to repot, give the hibiscus only a little bit more room.

Always make sure that your growing hibiscus plant has excellent drainage.

Remember that hibiscus flower best in temperatures between 60-90 F and cannot tolerate temps below 32 F.

In the summer, your hibiscus plant can go outside, but once the weather starts to get near freezing, it’s time for you to bring your hibiscus indoors.

When hibiscus are in their blooming stage, they require large amounts of water.

Your hibiscus will need daily watering in warm weather.

But once the weather cools, your hibiscus needs far less water, and too much water will bring displeasure, keep your Hibi happy!

In the winter, water your hibiscus only when the soil is dry to the touch.

We carry Hibiscus food: Espoma Organic Palm-tone

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