Jiffy Products

A Brilliant Idea

In the early 1950s, a resourceful gardener in the Norwegian city of Oslo invented the so-called 'Jiffypot' (Jiffy Pot), a planting pot made from compressed peat, which becomes completely integrated with the root system and is transplanted with the plant – protecting the sensitive young seedlings from 'transplant shock'.

With the Jiffy-7 peat pot, Jiffy created another milestone that is unmatched even today! It all started with a few nylon stockings giving birth to the idea of developing well-aerated and yet compact miniature cultivating pots that would guarantee optimum growth. Over the years, the nylon stockings evolved into high-tech netting, which continues to be further refined today. The tender roots are provided with optimum amounts of air and water, and fully grown seedlings are simply transplanted as a whole unit complete with the pot. Just as brilliant as it is simple!

Only The Best Professional Quality For Leisure Gardeners

Many Jiffy products are 100% all-natural, compostable and biodegradable. They therefore meet all the licensing requirements for use in commercial organic farming (registered with the FiBL – Institute for Organic Farming) and are identified by the logo “100% BIO” (100% organic).

Peat is Our Most Valuable Resource

Jiffy Products are primarily based on the renewable resource of Sphagnum peat, THE recognised medium for reliable, efficient and high-yield plant breeding worldwide. The products carefully developed for professional cultivation, such as the Jiffy Pots or the Peat Pellet Jiffy-7, have been optimised in customer-friendly sets for specific use in private horticulture. Jiffy Seed Starting Products are distinguished by a balanced water/air ratio, the fine roots pierce the pot walls without difficulty and the tender seedlings can be transplanted without experiencing plant shock. The gardener in you should be pleased about faster and stronger growth, resulting in higher yields.