Gaultheria Winterberry Assorted

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Gaultheria procumbens 'Winterberry'

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Gaultheria procumbens, commonly called 'Wintergreen' or 'Winterberry' is native to the woodlands of Eastern North America.

Erect stems clad with glossy, leathery, elliptic to oblong, dark green leaves up to 2” long rise up from the rhizomes to 3-6” tall.

Plants will spread over time to form an attractive ground cover.

Waxy, nodding, bell-shaped, white flowers 3/8” long bloom from the leaf axils in early summer of June-July.

Flowers give way to edible bright red berries 3/8” diameter that persist through winter.

Leaves acquire shades of purple in fall.

Leaves and fruit have the aroma and taste of wintergreen.

Berries are an excellent winter food for some wildlife such as pheasant, grouse, squirrels and deer.

Foliage was once used to make oil of wintergreen which has astringent, stimulant and diuretic properties.

Wintergreen has been a popular flavoring for chewing gum, candies and toothpaste.

Dried leaves can be used to make an interesting tea, but this usage is no longer recommended.

Leaves were once made into poultices for arthritic pain and sore muscles.

Fruits may be eaten raw or added to pastries and salads.

The Genus name honors Jean-Francois Gaultier (1708-1756) who was the King’s physician in the French colony of Quebec from 1742 until 1756.

JFG was also an avid botanist and plant collector.

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