Fragaria Strawberry 1qt


Fragaria Strawberry PLant

Assorted 1qt

Small container fruit for easy planting.
High in antioxidants.

Easy to plant.

Easy to grow.

Great for patio gardening.
Strawberries require 6-10 hours a day of direct sunlight.

They will do best in a sandy loam soil, and adding some aged manure or compost before planting is recommended.  

Mulch with chopped straw, standard mulch, leaves or shredded wood.

The soil pH should be between 5.5 and 7.

Strawberries need well-drained conditions, so raised beds or containers are a good option.

Strawberries require 1–2″ of water a week.

If rain is inadequate, water deeply whenever the top 1″ of soil is dry to the touch.

To prevent disease, avoid watering in the evening.

Heat and drought bring flowering and fruiting to a halt, and may kill plants outright.

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