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Frosty Fern

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'Scientific name: Selaginella kraussiana

A frosty fern is a petite, desktop size plant just a few inches tall.

Its fronds have creamy white naturally 'frosted' edges.

The newest leaves are pale and grow at the edges of the branchlets.

This gives the plant its frosted appearance.

A frosty fern is what’s known as a “fern ally,” which means that even though it isn’t technically a fern, it behaves like one, reproducing via spores.

The frosty fern gets its name from the distinctive white color of its new growth, giving its tips a frosted appearance.

The most important thing to know when growing frosty fern plants is that they need at least 70% humidity - this is much higher than the average home!

In order to keep your plant moist enough, you’ll need to raise the humidity by keeping it on top of a tray of pebbles and water, or in a terrarium.

Frosty ferns actually perform very well in terrariums, since they’re small and require little light.

Water frequently, but don’t let your plant’s roots sit in standing water.

The frosty fern does best in temperatures between 60 and 80 F,  and will start to suffer in temperatures much hotter or colder.

Too much nitrogen fertilizer will turn the white tips green, so make sure to feed sparingly.

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