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Fatsia japonica 4" and 6"

Fatsia Spider Web 6" and 8"

Fatsia Camo 6"

Fatsia japonica, also known as the Glossy-Leaf Paper Plant, Fatsi, Paper Plant, False Castor Oil Plant, or Japanese Aralia.

Whew! Do you have a few nicknames we can add?

A species of flowering plant in the family Araliaceae, native to southern Japan, southern Korea, and Taiwan.

Water your Fatsia enough to keep the soil moist at all times.

Check plants growing in containers often as they can dry out quickly.

This plant really dislikes direct sunlight, and shows its displeasure via yellow leaves.

A Fatsia which is overwatered will also produce yellow leaves, since this washes away many nutrients in the soil.

Use a tree and shrub fertilizer with an analysis of 12-6-6 or similar every year. Fertilizers at Urban Garden Center

Little pruning is required if there is plenty of room for this large, architectural evergreen shrub to spread.

However, if space is limited it can be kept within bounds by pruning one-in-three stems back to their base during the spring, starting with the oldest.

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