Exotic Pebbles Glass Pebbles Ice Clear 2lb Bag


Exotic Pebbles Glass Pebbles Ice Clear

Small 1/4" to 1/2" - 2lb Bag
Exotic décor glass is available in 6 beautiful colors that will brighten the project in an elegant and shimmering affect.

Decorative pebbles are anything but your traditional landscaping rocks. Exotic pebbles are found naturally on our earth’s planet to to provide a 100% natural addition to your home, garden, backyard or landscape. 

Exotic pebbles range in size and come in two unique categories as either polished or unpolished.

Polished landscape pebbles have been smoothed and provide a slight reflection under lighting, while  un-polished pebbles, referred to as natural collection, remains unaltered and exist exactly as the environment created them.

All exotic decorative pebbles are also well suited for yard and pond decor, and make the perfect addition to an outdoor living environment.

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