Espoma Organic Plant-tone 5-3-3 4lb, 8lb, 18lb, 36lb or 50lb

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Espoma Organic Plant-tone 5-3-3 

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Five sizes available:

4lb $9.99

8lb $13.99

18lb $20.99

36lb $33.99

50lb $40.99

Espoma Plant-tone 5-3-3 is an all natural, all-purpose premium blend plant food.

Excellent as a starter plant food.

100% natural and organic-approved plant food.

The Tone products are made for complex blends of the finest natural and organic ingredient.

No sludges or fillers are ever used.

They are enhanced with Bio-Tone beneficial microbes to help plants establish fast, develop deeper roots and have superior blooms.

Consistency and quality are guaranteed.

Long lasting results - won't buor leach away.

Lawns: For new lawns, work 40lbs per 1,000sf into the top 4" of soil.

Seed can be sown immediately.

Once the lawn is 6 months old, treat it as an established lawn.

For established lawns, apply 20lbs per 1,000sf 3x a year.

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