Dracaena Spike

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Dracaena Spike


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For a plant that looks particularly tropical in nature, in addition to being remarkably cold tolerant, Spike Dracaena are also relatively drought tolerant.

Widely adaptable, once they are well-established, normal watering will usually suffice, especially if they are mulched or planted with foliage plants that help to retain moisture.

Dracaena spikes are actually not Dracaenas at all, but members of the cabbage palm genus.

Small Dracaena spikes are staples in container gardens, but they can quickly outgrow their growing space, and should be transplanted to a larger container.

Although the average height for Dracaena spike houseplants is only about 2', they can eventually grow to full tree size!

A Dracaena spike plant is well suited for beginner gardeners because they are relatively easy to care for and take a long time to outgrow their containers.

Dracaena spike plants do well in full sun, but will also thrive in shade.

For best results, place your DS in a south-facing window or the brightest window in your home.

Make sure the plant isn't placed near any air conditioning vents, because D-Spikes are cold-sensitive.

It is okay to place the plant near a heating system, such as a radiator, but you must check the plant regularly to ensure it has adequate water.

Water the Dracaena Spikes regularly to keep the soil evenly moist, without soaking the soil.

If you tend to over-water your houseplants, it is best to let the soil dry out between waterings, rather than to provide water unnecessarily. 

Dracaena spike does not require regular pruning, but you may wish to trim foliage at your own discretion to control the height and width of the plant.

As with many other spiky plants, Dracaena Spike plants often develop brown tips, either naturally or as a result of over-watering.

You may notice that brown tips are even more frequent when you bring the plant indoors after summering outdoors.

Although these brown ends don't directly affect the health of the Dracaena Spike, they are often an eyesore.

You can simply clip off the brown ends of the blades with a pair of household scissors.

The cut is much less noticeable when cut at a sharp 45-degree angle.

Cut dead leaves back to the point of origin on the plant stalk.

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