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Lawson Cypress


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Most enjoyers of plants flowers and trees know this beauty as 'Chamaecyparis ellwoodii'. 

Highly decorative, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Ellwoodii' (Lawson Cypress) is an upright, evergreen shrub of dense columnar habit with short sprays of soft feathery, silver-blue foliage, turning steel-blue in winter.

Cypress trees are fast-growing North American natives that deserve a prominent place in the landscape.

These beautiful specimens can also live their life indoors.

Once the weather warms and the soil loosens, you can bring your Ellwoodii outside, and keep it in its container or transplant it somewhere on your property. 

It can survive the winter outside (it is a Cypress, built for the outdoors, they are quite sturdy specimens), so outside on your back patio it can go!

Many gardeners don’t consider planting Cypress because they believe it only grows in wet, boggy soil.

While it’s true that their native environment is constantly wet, once they’re established, cypress trees grow well on dry land and can even withstand occasional drought.

Growing cypress trees successfully depends on planting the in the right location.

Choose a site with full sun or partial shade and rich, acidic soil.

Drench the soil around the tree after planting and cover the root zone with 3" to 4" of organic mulch.

Give the tree a good soaking every week for the first few months.

Cypress trees need water most in spring, when they enter a growth spurt, and in fall, just before they go dormant.

These beauties can withstand occasional drought once established, but it’s best to water them if you haven’t had a drenching rain for more than a month.

Wait a year after planting before fertilizing a cypress tree for the first time.

Cypress trees growing in a regularly fertilized lawn don’t generally need additional fertilizer once established.

Otherwise, fertilize the tree every year or two with a balanced fertilizer or a thin layer of compost in the fall season.

Spread a pound of balanced fertilizer for each inch of trunk diameter over an area approximately equal to the spread of the canopy.

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