Cypress Golden Mop Assorted

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Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Golden Mop'


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The Gold Mop (or Golden Mop) False Cypress, is a dwarf yellow version of the Sawara False cypress Tree.

This perky, vibrant yellow Evergreen will bring a happy burst of color to your landscape, and offers an interesting texture that you’ll be tempted to run your fingers through.

These beauties also do well indoors, due to their size and Evergreen nature. 

Instead of wearing the typical needles of most conifers, like Spruce, Pine, and Fir, the Gold Mop False cypress is draped in curious, thin-ropy foliage from head to toe.

Offer this plant a prominent spot in any of the landscape beds around your home, and it will mix beautifully with other green, blue, and purple-foliage plants, and it will shine like a beacon all year long!

The Golden Mop Cypress needs proper and regular watering.

The soil must remain moist for most of the time during the summer.

Proper fertilization also helps the plant quickly grow.

Use the recommended fertilizers to boost growth.

Prune scale-leaf coniferous evergreens such as 'Gold Mop' cypress in the spring, before the new growth emerges, to remove damaged growth.

To control its size, you can prune in late summer after the current season's growth has matured.

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