Crossandra Orange Marmalade 'Firecracker Flower' 4"


Crossandra Orange Marmalade 'Firecracker Flower' 4"

Firecracker Flower?

Why is it called that?

The common name "firecracker flower" refers to the seed pods, which are found after the flower has dried up, and tend to "explode" when near high humidity or rainfall!

Crossandra thrives in warm, humid environments and cannot tolerate cold weather.

They perform as perennials in Central and South Florida, but should be used as container or annual plants otherwise. 

In frost-free regions, crossandra is treated as an evergreen perennial that blooms most of the year.

It has excellent heat tolerance, making it a fine choice for sun-baked garden beds and borders. 

Indoors, crossandra is a lovely flowering houseplant for bright spots.

Crossandra plants are slow growing, but make wonderful flowering houseplants if given adequate light.

Can reach 20" tall.

Never allow this wonder of the world to be susceptible to temperatures below 50 F.

During the growing season, water frequently and never allow the soil to dry out. 

Crossandra plants are very susceptible to drought and like a slightly moist, but not soggy soil at all times.

Reduce the amount you water in the winter, even if you're growing your Cross indoors in a pot. 

Bright tubular crossandra blooms attract pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds, due to the color of the blossoms, which are also very delicate and easily damaged by rain.

Notice the water drops on these petals, which is indicative of residual moisture for the plant.

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