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Cordyline 'Cordyline fruticosa' can add color for the landscape at your house, whether this tropical beauty is located inside or outside.

The colors of this plant can range from glossy green to reddish purple, to a combo of colors  including red, purple, white, or yellow - and this is just the leaves!

The plant can produce red or yellowish flowers that smell sweet.

The trunk of this evergreen shrub, which is palm-like, is usually not branched, and can grow as tall as 10'.

Cordyline does not like temperatures at 55 F or below, and it prefers partial shade to almost full sun.

When in full-sun the plant should be watered more often.

If this plant is being grown indoors, put it in a bright spot but no sunlight that is direct.

Allow the soil to dry out in between watering.

Keep the air around your Cordy humid, especially indoors, and mist every so often.

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