Coleus 5"


Coleus 5"

Assorted Trailing and Bush

Coleus plants are durable and easy to grow.

They are best known for their bright colors, and variety of foliage forms.

Technically, they are a tender perennial but they are usually considered an annual plant by growers and seed producers.

Coleus plants should be grown in the garden in bright, indirect light, or in partial shade.

The lower growing dwarf varieties 6"-12" will create a colorful border, or you can use the taller, up to 36" Coleus types as a dramatic background planting.

Many Coleus plants will survive full sun exposure but the foliage color is often enhanced when they are grown in the shade.

Coleus are also quite striking when they are planted in a container and grown as a houseplant.

Coleus can be grouped into three plant forms: upright, rounded and trailing.

Frequent snipping, pinching and trimming can help modify form, although the trailing varieties have great value at the edge of a planter or in a hanging basket.

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