Chrysanthemum Hardy 'Mum' 4.5" 6" or 9"

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Chrysanthemum Hardy 'Mum'

Sizes available: 4.5", 6" or 9"

It's officially Fall, so it's officially Mum time!

Mums are phototropic, meaning they rely on day length to trigger blooming

The chrysanthemum seems to have fallen out of fashion in modern gardens

One reason why this has happened is that chrysanthemums are perceived as too much hard work or troublesome

But there is less care involved than you may think and they offer many positive attributes to gardens

Chrysanthemums provide bold splashes of color in the garden in late summer and autumn

Chrysanthemums can be grown in the ground almost anywhere – at the front of shrubberies, in perennial borders or under roses, to name just a few

Some dwarf forms look great in rock gardens

Chrysanthemums grow well in pots and even indoors with bright but indirect light

Chrysanthemums grow best in an open, sunny position, although they can tolerate partial shade, especially if it provides protection from afternoon sun

They tend to prefer well-drained soil that has been improved with the addition of compost and other organic matter

To perform well, they also must be fed regularly with a liquid fertilizer every four to six weeks

At planting, add some organic, slow-release fertilizer such as pelleted chicken manure

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