Christmas Tree Removal

$15.00 - $350.00

Christmas Tree Removal

We can safely dispose of your Christmas Tree. 

Below is the Christmas Tree Removal breakdown, it is based on the size of your Tree.

For a Tree above 14', please contact us for a quote.

  • Up to 8'      $125
  • 8'-10'        $150
  • 10'-12'      $175
  • 12'-14'      $350
  • COI (Certificate of Insurance) (If required by your building) $25
  • Walk-up Per Flight $15

The quotes listed above do not include Flights of Stairs (walk up/down), or the Removal of Lights/Decorations. 

If your Tree Removal requires Steps/Stairs or Special Accommodations such as Light/Decoration Removal or anything else , please email us at or call us at 646.872.3991.

Additionally, some buildings require a Certificate of Insurance (COI).  

If that is the case with your building (you can check with your Super, Landlord or Building Management Company), we will require a COI.

We obtain the COI, you have to do nothing except let us know it is required by adding the COI line item to your Cart.

Your COI is active from March to March in any given calendar year, active for any deliveries or work UGC would do inside your residence. 

We will keep your COI on file, and when the time comes for renewal we will inform you, or inform you the next time you place an order and your COI needs renewal.

If you have any questions about COI, contact us at or call us at 646.872.3991.

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