Ceramic Duo Pot & Saucer 3"


Ceramic Duo Pot & Saucer 3"

Each Duo Pot is 3" wide and tall.

Duo is a collection of cool and modern decorative indoor plant pots with an accompanying saucer with a drainage hole. 

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, it is never a bad time to bring some green inside.

Let’s face it, being around plants just makes us happy!

Not to mention, they add some extra oxygen to the room. 

The Duo ceramic flower pots with saucers have two-tone coloring, and are yet another addition to our collection of small pots with drainage holes and saucers.

Your succulents and plants thank you in advance!

Watch your plants thrive and grow in these ceramic flower pots with saucers and bring some nature inside. 

The colorful glazed half compliments your plants and flower while the cement-style top give these decorative indoor flower pots a funky modern twist.


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