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These beautiful perennials have triangular, grass-like stems and panicles of flowerheads in short spikes.

Carex is a vast genus of more than 2,000 species of grass-like plants in the family Cyperaceae, commonly known as sedges.

Other members of the family Cyperaceae are also called sedges.

However, those of genus Carex may be called true sedges, and it is the most species-rich genus in the family.

Most species are from wet areas such as bogs or damp woods.

There is a Carex species to suit almost any garden!

Grass-like, colorful foliage that is often brightly hued or variegated.

Provided full sun to part shade, in dry to moist soils.

Sow seed in containers and overwinter in a cold frame.

Divide plants between spring and early summer.

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