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Begonia tuberosa


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Scientific name: Begonia Tuberhybrida Group

Also referred to as The Tuberosa Group

If you bring some Tuberosa home they'll plan a Spring Social and invite you to attend, and maybe their Midsommar celebrations too, you can be their May Queen. 

Hummingbirds will also be sent an invite. 

The open single flowers of Bertini Begonia make it easy for hummingbirds to sip nectar.

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Tuberous begonias are a group of Begonia cultivars, sometimes regarded as some of the most spectacular of the genus.

One of the first hybrids produced was B. x sedenii in 1870, a cross between B. boliviensis, collected by botanist Richard Pearce and a species from the Andes.

Keep indoor begonias warm.

You will want to make sure that the minimum night temperature is 55ºF.

Begonias do not handle cold well, and will suffer from lower temperatures.

Water your begonias carefully.

Water when the surface of the potting soil feels moist.

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