Bamboo Bissetii Bamboo 'Phyllostachys bissetii' 5g


Bissetii Bamboo 'Phyllostachys bissetii' 

Size: 5g

One of the hardier bamboos! Large dark green leaves are borne on tall, 1" diameter stems.

Forms a beautiful, tall, dense screen or large container specimen.

This is a running bamboo that should be contained.

This is an evergreen.

This rugged Bamboo can help create an Asian or tropical garden where there is a good deal of frost.

It is invasive, therefore best grown in big ceramic pots or in a tightly constrained bed.

Grow at corners of buildings, use as a dense, tall screen on property lines or adjacent to commercial land uses.

Makes a beautiful background for water features and garden art.

You also get a bonus of unlimited cut Bamboo poles for staking other plants!

Quickly reaches 20' tall, spreading vigorously by underground stems.

Thrives in humus-rich, well-drained soils.

Spreads by rhizomes and can become invasive; best contained in a non-perforated pot with the lip above soil level.

Protect root zone with a 4"-6" layer of mulch to protect in harsh winter regions.

Remove older canes and new shoots at the base to thin and reduce vigor.

Water regularly to maintain evenly moist soil - weekly, or more often.

Provide partial to full sun.

This species is native to China, and is among the tallest and in China it is known as "fishing pole bamboo".

Like all bamboo it is a true grass and therefore fall into the Gramineae family with its smaller cousins.

It is native to much of Asia and is a chief source of paper pulp and construction material, and the shoots as a food crop too.

This genus was likely collected by the great plant hunter, Dr. Philipp von Siebold, 1791-1866, physician of the Dutch East India Company.

He worked with Joseph Zuccarini, a botanical professor in Munich to classify the genus of about 80 species.

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