Angelonia Plant Assorted


Angelonia Assorted

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Angelonia is a genus of about 30 species which occur from Mexico to Argentina, and is classified in the family Plantaginaceae.

Known in the botany world as Angelonia angustifolia. 

They are herbaceous plants occurring mainly in arid and semi-arid habitats.

Most Angelonia species can be found in Northeastern Brazil in the seasonally dry tropical forest of Caatinga.

Caatinga is a type of subtropical vegetation, and an ecoregion characterized by this vegetation in interior northeastern Brazil.

The name "Caatinga" is a Tupi word meaning "white forest" or "white vegetation".

The flowers are arranged in dense clusters at the end of the stem that holds them.

They bloom from the bottom upward. 

Like a lot of plants, it is a perennial, but grown as an annual in the northern states. 

Choose a site in full sun or light shade, and set out bedding plants in spring, two or three weeks after the last expected frost.

Angelonia plants prefer moist, well-drained soil.

They can withstand brief dry spells, especially if the soil is enriched with compost before planting.

Water Angelonia two or three times a week until it develops a strong root system.

At that point it will become fairly drought tolerant, and require watering only when the soil has dried out.

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