7 Rare Plants

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These plants are rare beauties, hard to find, take a look and bring one home! 

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  • Cryptanthus black mystic - Wide starry rosette of undulating chocolate-purple cardboard leaves (of zonatus blood) with dramatic platinum bars
  • Hoya Heart variegated - A unique waxy foliage that resembles heart-shaped leaves. Each large leaf has a creamy, white border with a green center 
  • Hoya macrophylla - A rare species that has large, textured leaves whose margins are variegated with patches of creamy white and pink
  • Monstera Peru -  Monstera Peru is a very rare fast-growing plant with thick and unusually stiff leaves
  • Philodendron Red Heart - Beautiful leaves that look like a heart. The leaves are dark green with the red core, the heart shape, turning outwards
  • Sansevieria kirkii coppertone - A hybrid of Sansevieria kirkii v. pulchra with copper colored and green banding thick succulent leaves and wavy margins
  • Sansevieria masoniana ‘Whale Fin‘ - Nicknamed ‘whale fin’ on account of its unique shape. Characterized by its medium-green mottled with forest-green appearance with pink tips

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